4 Ways to Get Out of Martyr Mode When Doing Too Much

iStock_6223748Sm hand with plants left faceIn this wonderful post, leadership expert and outstanding blogger, Karin Hurt, discusses “How to Give So They Will Receive.” Karin outlines ways for leaders to give to their teams with methods and attitudes that make it easier for the recipient to accept the offering–leading to higher team cohesiveness and productivity.

Another aspect of giving and receiving that we don’t often address is–what is the right amount of giving?  So much of society’s program leads us in the direction of give, give, give. Giving to others has a host of benefits, I agree.  And, what happens when we give to much? Or when it’s not from our heart, but out of our programing? <<read on>>

Post #3: It’s Always Personal, Or Is It?

In the first post of this series, I made the comment, “We human beings are almost always so busy protecting ourselves that even when we do or say something to another (whether nice or mischievous) is usually based in our own needs and the other person is just a catalyst for our own feelings and process.”Orangenblüten und Orange am Strauch

This is such an important part of not taking things personally I want to dedicate a whole post to it. When I first heard this many years ago, I did not completely agree, I could see situations where it applied, but not all of life.

Game, Set, Match!

Last night I had the privilege of working with a couple of entrepreneurs at TechSandBox. We discussed the value summary for their offering and worked to craft a message that resonates with prospective customers.OtH masthead  small

When asked about the benefits of their offering they listed cool things about it. Unfortunately, like many people who live with their ideas and goals 24/7, the cool things are usually features, not benefits. Here’s an illustration:

Can We Work 80% Less and Produce Almost as Much?

Have you heard of the 80/20 Principle? In marketing I have known it for decades as “80% of revenue comes from 20% of customers.”OtH masthead

Then 9 years ago another consultant told me that she specializes in helping people and companies implement the 80/20 Principle.  I responded, “So you help them understand their top 20% of customers and how to work more effectively with that group?”  She replied not really, that her work is to help people implement the principle in order to be more effective.