One Easy Way to Have a Happier New Year

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200Did you choose your word for 2015 yet?

If not, the post from Monday has guidance for easily implementing this simple practice that has greatly contributed to my personal growth for the last couple of years–much more than resolutions did.  And, it’s easier to implement–what could be happier?  Today we’ll talk about getting the most from your word.

First, I’ll share the word I chose: allowing.

I went through a number of ideas, and allowing kept coming back to me…

Tired of Resolutions? Here’s a Practice That Works!

rock arch 180x270pxHere’s something that has helped me far more than New Year’s resolutions, while also making it easier to be true to my SELF–choosing a word for the year.

I first learned this practice in a tele-workshop with Robert Silverstone, who since the early 1990’s has been recognized as a leading thinker in making profits while working to improve the global environment, and the conscious performance of business.

The goal is to choose one word that…

Viral Story on How Secret Santa Empowers the Police to Bring Joy

Secret Santa2014Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!       I knew that I wanted to write about Joy today, but was not sure what.

Then a friend* shared this video on Facebook. It’s a CBS News report on a story many of us have heard before. It’s about a wealthy man who hands out $100 bills in random acts of kindness.

The Blessing of Sincerity. Thank You Bell Ringer

iStock_31715774Sm Salvation Army cropThe spirit of Christmas is so enlivening to me–the sparkling lights and mirrored balls, green and red, houses, stores and malls decorated.  Even though the decorations at the mall are set up mostly to entice me to spend more, I still take time to enjoy them, not letting what I don’t like get in the way of what I do.

This year was no different, I had been reveling in the crisp air, baking cookies and fruitcake, and spending time just staring at the tree.  But I was not 100% in the spirit.  I even donated to a couple of red buckets with people ringing bells.  Still my heart was not as open and excited as usual.

Key Learnings for Conscious Transformation in Business

firms of endearment book cover


As I have mentioned, the book Firms of Endearment inspired me to work harder to make a difference in the world of business. So I want to share some insights I gained from an informative and insightful webinar by one of the authors, Raj Sisodia.  I am repeating it now because it is fundamental to Creating Joyful Work.

The topic was Conscious Capitalism: Realizing Business & Human Potential. Dr. Shubhro Sen, Co-Founder (along with Raj) & Executive Director of CCI was the host & moderator.

Announcing My New Book: Creating Joyful Work!

KC_HGCYSI_ebook_CJW coverHow GOOD Can You Stand It?  I first heard those words when I had just accepted a new job with a nice bump in salary and responsibilities.

I was nervous about living up to the expectations of my employer, and myself. The question opened my eyes to some of the ways I let fear get in my way.

Since that day many years ago, I have focused learning to move past my fears and find the joy in life–to “stand it good.”

With that learning I have written a guidebook:  Creating Joyful Work: Yes You Can! Ideas to Get You Started Today.

Keep Stress Out of Your Life. How to See It Differently. Four Tips to Keep It AWAY!

stone heart sand path iStock_19139396Small

I really dislike how we talk about stress. To mitigate it’s effects on our life we refer to managing stress, or handling stress. But those activities do not get rid of stress–they just try to shrink it. It’s healthier to talk about processing, avoiding, or redefining stress.