Happy Birthday Dad!

Who's laughing harder? Dad or his great-granddaughter?

Who’s laughing harder? Dad or his great-granddaughter?

I am incredibly lucky to have parents who I love tremendously, and who have been so good to me.

Thank you Mom and Dad.

As I get older and realize my good luck, I have tried to express my gratitude to you in person and with others, but have not really taken the time to write it down at length or share publicly, so here it is.

Dad, since you turned 96 yesterday, I thought I would start by talking about you.

How Am I Doing?

Kaliday site home-banner2I gave myself a B-minus.  Last week I talked about knowing the core purpose for our businesses, and gave some simple examples of an ice cream store and barber shop.

That prompted me to review the purpose of my business, and ask whether I am expressing it well.  I think am doing a pretty good job, but one basic thing needs improving.

Who Are You? Who? Who?

ice cream cropIf your mind is suddenly channeling The Who, you are in sync with me.  I think this is the most important question I ask my clients.

Getting to the root of “how do you provide value?”, and knowing WHO your company is at the core, provides a useful platform for the whole business that makes everything easier.

When you understand and acknowledge the core purpose all of the decisions become easier, and therefore faster, because less time is spent pondering ideas, projects, or offerings that are not in your wheelhouse.

Starting… ahhh, Continuing the Journey


I received this newsletter a few weeks ago and loved it. It’s from Penny Dickson, Founder of Women’s Wilderness Retreats.  Though we are starting March, not the year, her message is still WONDERFUL.  Enjoy!


Women's Wilderness Retreats logo cropDear friends,

In this first week of 2015, I have done much thinking about the process of setting goals and intentions, creating dreams, and making plans for the new year.

Many newsletters, blogs and articles have crossed my desk about “how to be our best in 2015.” I must admit, I find these articles of wisdom puzzling! There is so much emphasis on “being new and improved”, getting farther, looking better, being stronger, more successful, etc. etc. After all that reading I come to the conclusion that perhaps I am lacking- apparently I need to improve myself!

That’s all well and good. Yes, self improvement and motivation is a good thing. Yes, it’s a great idea to chart a course and set intentions in order to achieve  a new level of accomplishment in one’s life. But sometimes what is heard is that “you are not good enough”.

Can I Dry My Hair With a Blow Torch?

Most of us want to get things done quickly.

I am pretty good at revving up about something, then realizing I am hurrying needlessly. I have a lot of client work at the moment, so find myself zooming around a lot. When I get like this I sometimes remember that if I dried my hair with a blowtorch instead of a blow dryer, it would dry more quickly, but the result would be lacking.

Houston MerrimanWhen I received this message in response to to Over the Hump a few weeks ago, “You are right about the small steps. It is normal to desire to move quickly, but we have to be patient working with people”, I saved it away to ponder further.  Sure enough it sprang out at me as I was looking for topics to write about this week. What’s really great about the statement is that it’s from a gentleman who I think is in his 80’s and still goes to the office every day.