Happy Thanksgiving

No, I Have Not Lost Track of Time

121 Last November I talked about the difference between Thanksgiving Day and thanksgiving.  I planned to say “Happy Thanksgiving” more often since gratitude is a powerful part of creating a joyful life.

I have to admit that I have not said Happy Thanksgiving to folks out of season–though I still want to try it.  Perhaps they’ll think they are on Candid Camera?

The Allure of Gracious Liveliness

Savannah 1672Yes ma’am. Yes sir. I heard that a lot in the last four days in Savannah, GA.  At first if felt a little strange, then I grew to love it. There were other signs of the gracious nature of the south: like when  the receptionist at the front desk of our hotel greeted us like we were long-lost friends, or the cab driver who obviously loves his city and shook our hands with a big smile when dropping us at the airport.

One of my first experiences was the server at a diner who explained with a smile, “Honey, this is the south. Y’all only get sweet tea”, when unsweetened iced tea was requested at lunch. Though the drink I wanted was not available I felt honored somehow. (Or perhaps it’s the stately gorgeous trees with moss hanging from the branches that invites relaxed and engaging behavior?)

Your Attitude Affects the Outcome, and More

Do you see stumbling blocks or stepping stones?


Chinese Word for Crisis = Danger + Opportunity

Stumbling block or stepping stone?*

I heard this great question at a Toastmasters meeting recently and love it.  Though it’s been decades I vividly remember the first time I saw the poster showing how the Chinese symbol for crisis is comprised of two symbols: danger and opportunity. In that moment I began to see the world in a more opportunistic way, and have paid attention to how our judgement of a situation colors how we handle it, and move forward from it.

Can Captain America Show Us How to Be More Mindful?

chrisevansTraveling home from California last week, I learned a new description for mindfulness that is making a big difference in my practice.  I heard it from the actor Chris Evans. He is better known to many as Captain America. Here’s the excerpt that I loved from his interview in the American Way magazine:

Interviewer: “What does Evans wish he could tell his younger self, now that he’s got many years and movies under his belt?

Evans: “Shhhh,” he says, gently placing a finger to his lips.