Weeds and People. We Are Alike.

Or, how a dandelion led a young lady to greater appreciation

iStock_6223748Sm hand with plants left faceAs you know from my post on Thanksgiving, I find it beneficial to try to view our language in different ways.  As a start, it helps me to see all the various uses for words and phrases in my writing. On a deeper, and more important, level it helps me to see life differently, which has all sorts of benefits.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of hearing a young lady expound upon views, uses and yes, virtues of weeds.  Irene shared an insightful, entertaining, and informative 6 minutes on weeds at our Toastmasters’ club.  She shared how a shrub she planted and loved, had spawned dozens of volunteer plants.  At first she regaled in the wonderful additions of her beloved plant in her garden. Then as she spent time weeding out the extras, she realized the definition of a weed that I heard decades ago…

Deer and DRiVE

How two deer caused me to stop like there were headlights

iStock deer 1879406XSmaAfter 2 years of not knowing how far I was riding, or how fast, I now had my cycle computer working!  What a thrill for a calculating mind like mine.  Something for my mind to check on every moment—how fast? how far? average speed?  Careful, keep up the pace!

Was I even on a bike or was it just my mind and the computer? Were my legs and fresh summertime scenery off in another world completely?

How Wanting to Yell Taught Me Patience

Or, the value of a bathroom break

Ahhhhhhh!!Last Wednesday I talked about hatching success by taking time to create an effective strategy.  As I wrote that post I remembered the importance of patience. The first time I realized just how important it is I was trying to keep myself from yelling at my boss.

I thought he was over-analyzing a proposal we needed to deliver to a customer.  It was late.  I had worked…

The Baby Robins and the Engineering Director

A tale of hatching, growth and learning

robin babies crop1

The robin babies – click to enlarge

Where did he go?  The engineering team just hired a new director and we in the product management group had high hopes.

There were a couple of snafu’s in our offering that needed a guiding hand so that we could feel good about presenting new products to our sales force and customers.  But Bruce was nowhere to be seen.  We assumed he was behind the closed door to his office.

Then voila! Like the magical baby robins that just appeared one day from the  blue eggs in the nest outside my kitchen window, Bruce reappeared. And like the baby robins he had grown up quickly. 

How to Get Lots of Customers By NOT Sucking

It's Easy to Get Addicted to Houzz


Credit: Anabolic Technology

Sunset Magazine is one of my favorites.  As lifestyle magazines go it’s pretty expensive at $24 per year, but after a couple of years without it, I ponied up again and now eagerly look forward to it’s arrival in my mail box each month.

I should love their website, but it sucks.  I wish I had another way to describe it.  I tried.  The s-word just keeps coming up.  It’s due to the preponderance of advertisements.

Their content is okay and I sometimes steel myself and spend a few moments looking around.