How Joyful Was Your Week?

One quick action will ensure it, or increase it!

Idaho-328 squareBefore you transition into weekend mode, please take one minute to write down one instance of Joyful Work from your week – either created or acknowledged.

You can share in the comments below, send an email to a friend, write it on a Post-it so it greats you on Monday morning…or?

Just do it!  You will feel more joyful, I guarantee it!

The Warm Spot that Enhanced My Yoga Practice

iStock_49664044Sm meditating on dockI practice yoga that is very, very mellow.  The focus is relaxation and rejuvenation. Many of the postures take place lying on the floor and are held for a long time so the body has a chance to let go.  I like to do a little each night before I go to sleep for obvious reasons.

This is fine in the summer when temperatures are warm.  In the winter lying on the floor late in the evening is not very inviting.  I looked into getting one of those long hot-pads like massage therapists use, but discovered they are a bit expensive.  I did not want to invest a lot into something I was not sure would make a difference in my practice.

Out of the Frying Pan, And The Fire Didn’t Burn

An uncomfortable conversation supports growth

I felt lost, confused and frustrated–not sure what to do.

Decades ago in my first role as a manager our little team of three was responsible for managing a few products at an integrated circuit manufacturer. Our duties included product definition, launching, pricing, customer service, delivery oversight, and more.  George**, one of the guys on my team was the service agent for a couple of large customers.

He was also in law school.  I admired his drive, until his studies caused him to call in “sick” quite a bit.  When he was in the office, George’s work product was exemplary. When he was out, our other teammate and I had to do quite a bit of extra work because customer service needs to be timely.

The Power of a Question Mark

What do you truly want?

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to give love and support is a little scary.

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to receiving love and support is a LOT scary.

Being more available to receiving love and support usually involves making a request. Most of us have a hard time making requests, especially direct requests.

The good news: It gets easier with practice.

Three Ways That Creating Joyful Work Helps Leaders

#5 of the Seven Roles For Every Manager to Create Lasting Results

Happy face on coffee cup on wooden background with vintage colour effect. Still life.

As a leader you want to build your team, and know that empowering each person on the team leads to accomplishing more*–for the whole team and for the individual.

Some leaders may think about empowering team members in concrete skills like project management, analytical dexterity, or the ability to trouble shoot software code or the process for product launches. You might even consider providing ways to help your team members develop soft skills like time management or communication.

Have you considered that each person being empowered to Create Joyful Work might help team members to improve, plus add to the bottom line for your team and your organization? I know it’s a super-soft skill, however there are big benefits.

Doodling for Creativity, Health and Productivity

The value of a stick figure

stick man medI used to think that I am not creative because I cannot draw or paint. Even my stick figures are pretty horrid.

Then a couple of decades ago I realized that my love of cooking and entertaining, even if it started with a recipe, was creative.  I even began to see my career in high-tech as having some creative aspects to it. As a consultant, one of the most exciting aspects is getting to create goals, project and methodologies for my clients. (It’s also one of the most daunting aspects, but I save that discussion for another time.)

As I better understand creativity, I realize it is present in every aspect of our lives… not just creating a painting.  It can be with us in most activities–from driving a new route to getting to know a stranger. More important, it is a good way to strengthen our physical and mental health, and it’s easier than we think.

One Easy Request That Most Of Us Avoid

It's a fast track to deeper relationships

kitten looking up, very gracefulWhy do we human beings have such a hard time accepting support?  Recently I went through a challenging family  process, and the minute I talked with an expert, I felt the weight of the world life from my shoulders.

I was no further along that 60 seconds prior, but I FELT lots more peaceful and hopeful.  I knew that others had traveled a similar path and come out okay.  Perhaps even stronger.

However, that was easy because it was a situation I did not know much about.  Most of the time I avoid asking for help and support. I want to be independent, capable, self-sufficient.  Mostly, I want to avoid feeling like I owe others.

That’s the big joke. One of the best ways to deepen a relationship is to truly be of service. We humans like to help. We like to feel useful. I believe it’s a rare situation where the helper feels like the person they have helped owes them. It’s one of the best ways to deepen a relationship is to truly be of service.

So this week I will ask for support at least one time when I REALLY do not want to.  Who wants to join me?

Joyful regards,

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