Three Ways That Creating Joyful Work Helps Leaders

#5 of the Seven Roles For Every Manager to Create Lasting Results

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As a leader you want to build your team, and know that empowering each person on the team leads to accomplishing more*–for the whole team and for the individual.

Some leaders may think about empowering team members in concrete skills like project management, analytical dexterity, or the ability to trouble shoot software code or the process for product launches. You might even consider providing ways to help your team members develop soft skills like time management or communication.

Have you considered that each person being empowered to Create Joyful Work might help team members to improve, plus add to the bottom line for your team and your organization? I know it’s a super-soft skill, however there are big benefits.

When team members are making the small changes that add up to Joyful Work, their workplace abilities are enhanced in these ways:

  • Collaboration: When we have an attitude of Joyfulness about our work, even for just one moment each day, we are more open, honest and communicative–which generates the synergy of collaboration
  • Can do: When you want your team to move forward quickly and easily, joyfulness helps them to have a can do attitude that prevents vacillation and being stuck.
  • Resilience: As a leader you would love to avoid any and all setbacks for your team.  However that’s just not possible. A attitude of Joyful Work helps them to maintain a view of the big picture more easily, leading to more resilience, which powers the efforts needed to overcome challenges quickly, easily, and fortuitously.

Here are three of the ways you can help your team Create Joyful Work:

  1. Implement It For Yourself: Learn about and implement some of the Joyful Work practices to create an environment for your team to be open to making their own changes. Joyfulness spreads, it’s a good kind of infectious.
  2. Be More: Lead with Joyful Work:  Start or end meetings talking about Joyful Work ideas, or gratitude, or just request one comment from each person about what’s going well. Practice seeing the positive side with these tools (even if a meeting is just a 1-to-1).
  3. Shine the Vision: Be the lighthouse for your team, shining out the vision of the big picture often–whether it’s the corporate vision, the goals for the project, or their personal aspirations. Studies show this helps us maintain an a positive attitude and not get mired in unnecessary details or in fear.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200A foundation of Creating Joyful Work is small practices that add up to big changes.  This makes it easy and straightforward to create these advantages in our work day. Here are a few of the Reminders and Practices** that can help you easily add these changes to your workday.

What do you think? Which of the ways to create joyful work are you going to practice in the next week? Do you already have practices you use? Please share in the comments below!

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*This post is based on the ideas of leadership expert Karin Hurt and her post on 7 Roles of an Exceptional Team Leader. It is about Role#5 The Backer: How do we accomplish more?

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