Acceptance and Forgiveness

“Believing someone will change won’t make it so.

If you’re going to invest in a belief, invest in the belief that acceptance heals. The only change you control is your own, and that’s found through acceptance, too.”

~ Holiday Mathis

This saying further defines another spiritual saying I learned years ago, “Acceptance bypasses the need for forgiveness”.

To me, the idea of acceptance means dropping judgement. It’s different than forgiving, which says that the thing forgiven is wrong. This idea has helped me drop my negative self-talk and relax into the flow of life–where I am more peaceful and joyful.

And, as I talked about in my post on re-potting schefflera’s, letting go of criticizing ourselves is a powerful place to start. What better place to start then self-acceptance. Then it can radiate out to others even more powerfully.

My best wishes for an amazing afternoon and week. See you next Wednesday!

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