Announcing My New Book: Creating Joyful Work!

KC_HGCYSI_ebook_CJW coverHow GOOD Can You Stand It?  I first heard those words when I had just accepted a new job with a nice bump in salary and responsibilities.

I was nervous about living up to the expectations of my employer, and myself. The question opened my eyes to some of the ways I let fear get in my way.

Since that day many years ago, I have focused learning to move past my fears and find the joy in life–to “stand it good.”

With that learning I have written a guidebook:  Creating Joyful Work: Yes You Can! Ideas to Get You Started Today.

I am happy to announce that it’s available on Talk about getting past my fears! Just writing this email is causing tremendous butterflies in my stomach. So thank you for being there to help me continue on my journey of creating joyful work.

rock stack extra iStock_12682301LgThe book is available for Kindle right now, printed and iBook in a couple of weeks.

It talks about why Joyful Work is important for us and the companies we work with. Most important, it provides specific ideas for getting you started right away.

What do you think? Is this possible?  Please take a look and let me know what you think by commenting below or sending me an email!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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8 thoughts on “Announcing My New Book: Creating Joyful Work!

    • Thanks so much Dan! Please let me know what you think–as you know I think you are a wonderful writer and your blog is part of my inspiration for reaching out.

  1. Congratulations Lisa on your book! It is a wonderful accomplishment. Creating Joyful Work, as the name implies, is an important part of human productivity and quality of performance especially in light of the uncertainties of business and the world.

    • Thank you Jennifer! You are so right, finding or creating joy can help us be more productive and achieve higher quality of performance, AND help to smooth out the vagaries of uncertainty. Because of our constantly changing world, it’s sometimes challenging to practice creating joy–and more important to do so. Take care, Lisa

  2. Great philosophy on business success.
    It’s the positive affect on society rather than the P&L numbers or the wall street view of the company that matters most.
    Thank you for making this public.

    • Good to see you here Dick and thanks for your insightful comment. Your phrase “positive affect on society” hits it right on the button.