Are You Having Only One-third of the Conversation?

OtH mastheadDear Colleagues,

I am so frustrated! In a recent meeting to plan a program on marketing for entrepreneurs, the team kept talking about the foundational tenet for marketing and sales as:

  • The problem the prospect is experiencing
  • How our product and/or service solves that problem
  • The best language and methods to communicate that solution

This is an okay way to start to the customer engagement conversation. However, it ignores two-thirds of the potential customers.

Mike Bosworth leaningI was lucky enough to take Solution Selling® from it’s founder Mike Bosworth back in the 90’s. It was a great foundation for any marketing or sales career. Mike had the prescience to notice and quantify the three reasons people buy. His insights helped thousands of marketing and sales folks to have better conversations and relationships with their customers, and therefore “create buyers” rather than sell.

Here are Mike’s insights on the three reasons we human beings buy products and/or services. Buyers want to:

  • Solve a problem
  • Achieve a goal
  • Satisfy a need

So simple, now that I know it! I think that internalizing these ideas has helped me tremendously in my career, and life in general. I remember them by knowing that they spell ASS. 😉

Mike now works to help salespeople (and the rest of us) know how to use storytelling to connect even more deeply with prospects and customers, and is still an amazing teacher. I suggest picking up his latest book or seeing him when he speaks.

Does this ASS idea make sense to you? How will you use it in your life?

Continued success!

“If buyers don’t trust you,
they aren’t going to be curious about what you’re selling.”

~ Mike Bosworth

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