The Most Important Thing to Be Grateful For

Kit Night artist

Look at the familiar with fresh eyes – Kit Night

As most of you know, gratitude can play a key role in our having a satisfying, successful life.

It’s one of the reasons I am grateful that I started my newsletter on Wednesdays–writing about gratitude is almost a requirement on this day before our Thanksgiving holiday.

This year I have been pondering the idea of starting to give thanks at the source.

The source I am talking about is ourselves. We have to focus on our own nurturing in order to create and sustain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. read on>>

To truly nurture something we have to like, or love, it.  A good place to begin is with self-gratitude.

So when you are being grateful this year, I urge you to start with yourself.  See “me” in a more loving light.  For most of us that means to “look at the familiar with fresh eyes.”**

Spend 1 minute thinking about the things you like about yourself.  Go deep into your core and give yourself a heartfelt “I am grateful to be me.” Then take 2 really, BIG, DEEP breaths and let that lovely feeling resonate with you.

How does that feel? What fresh eyes were you able to invoke?  Please share in the comments below!

My deepest gratitude for your reading, responding, and being YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving,

my signature 3** I have been pondering this idea for a few days, and when I saw Kit Night’s wonderful painting in my inbox this morning, I knew it was the perfect picture and caption for today.

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