Why the Big Picture?

Idaho 328As I think about my week to come, I realize that even though my mission is big–helping the world Create Joyful Work–I often focus on “getting stuff done” without seeing the big picture.  I don’t often think about how my work is connected to the rest of the universe. So, this week I will focus more on keeping the big picture in mind for all my work.

I will pause more often to consider everyone affected by my doings, and ask, “How can I be of service? How can I serve the highest good of everyone in my life?”

Like the housekeeper in a hotel who enjoys her work more when she thinks of it as helping to create a wonderful vacation for a family, or peaceful respite for the business traveler, I will make time to think of the end game–for my work and the work of my clients and colleagues.

What about you? Does thinking of the big picture cause you to think about your work differently? If yes, please share how. If no, is there something that does help you enjoy your work more?

Make it a GREAT WEEK!

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