Can I Dry My Hair With a Blow Torch?

Most of us want to get things done quickly.

I am pretty good at revving up about something, then realizing I am hurrying needlessly. I have a lot of client work at the moment, so find myself zooming around a lot. When I get like this I sometimes remember that if I dried my hair with a blowtorch instead of a blow dryer, it would dry more quickly, but the result would be lacking.

Houston MerrimanWhen I received this message in response to to Over the Hump a few weeks ago, “You are right about the small steps. It is normal to desire to move quickly, but we have to be patient working with people”, I saved it away to ponder further.  Sure enough it sprang out at me as I was looking for topics to write about this week. What’s really great about the statement is that it’s from a gentleman who I think is in his 80’s and still goes to the office every day.

His name is Houston Merriman. He is the epitome of a gracious, smart businessman.  Just thinking about him I relax and feel more graceful.

I believe I am more productive if I do not zoom around.  Recent studies also show that multi-tasking detrimental to our productivity and our health. Through practicing mindfulness for the last couple of decades I get zoomie less often. In addition, there are a couple of other ways I keep myself from being distracted and drawn into zoom mode.

  • Make time to plan and schedule
  • Keep my desk clear, or at least the part I see when facing my work space – usually my computer.  If I have work to do at a regular desk, I clear off the rest of my desk so I am less distracted.
  • Set a timer to stop and take a break every 45 to 60 minutes.  Sometimes I just stand up, other times I do some jumping jacks or walk stairs to get my blood going. I ALWAYS take a few deep breaths.
    • This also has a benefit of keeping me focused.  If I know I have a scheduled break coming then I can let go of checking email, getting a drink, or taking a bio-break.  When we really focus for 45 minutes on one thing, it’s amazing how much gets done!

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What about you?  What are the blowtorches in your life? What techniques do you use to stay focused?  Please share by commenting below!

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4 thoughts on “Can I Dry My Hair With a Blow Torch?

  1. I often procrastinate resulting in the pent up anticipation and anxiety creating a reasonable product but often not my best effort. It can be a timing or self-control issue. We all have long to-do lists which can create the feeling to zoom around. I might prioritize the list. Most often though I pick the one thing that is bugging me the most to complete and the log jam of pent up energy flows. “What one to-do would make me feel better if it was done?” I usually accomplish way more than hoped for or at least with a better attitude. Your 45 minute suggestion stuck out; I did that in college to much success. I find myself sitting too much now and have been thinking of returning to this schedule. Thanks!

    • Great suggestion Laurie, to ask ourselves, “What one to-do would make me feel better if it was done?” It seems like a way of breaking the zooming pattern, plus getting in touch with what’s more important to us. Thanks so much for reading and responding! Good to hear from you. Let me know how the 45 minutes goes. I believe a few jumping-jacks are far more useful than a cup of coffee. Or a few flights of stairs. It will be good to know if it works for you as well.

  2. Hi Lisa
    Just to let you know that on April 1st last year we celebrated Houston’s 90th birthday at BNI – complete with cupcakes and song. I agree he is an amazing gentleman

    • That’s so wonderful Liz. I am so glad you all celebrated with Houston. Even though I am not in BNI I am so glad that you and Houston are staying in touch. THANKS!