Deer and DRiVE

How two deer caused me to stop like there were headlights

iStock deer 1879406XSmaAfter 2 years of not knowing how far I was riding, or how fast, I now had my cycle computer working!  What a thrill for a calculating mind like mine.  Something for my mind to check on every moment—how fast? how far? average speed?  Careful, keep up the pace!

Was I even on a bike or was it just my mind and the computer? Were my legs and fresh summertime scenery off in another world completely?

Key Learnings for Conscious Transformation in Business

firms of endearment book cover


As I have mentioned, the book Firms of Endearment inspired me to work harder to make a difference in the world of business. So I want to share some insights I gained from an informative and insightful webinar by one of the authors, Raj Sisodia.  I am repeating it now because it is fundamental to Creating Joyful Work.

The topic was Conscious Capitalism: Realizing Business & Human Potential. Dr. Shubhro Sen, Co-Founder (along with Raj) & Executive Director of CCI was the host & moderator.

Post #2: It’s Always Personal… Or Is It?

stone heart sand paths iStock_19139396For me, letting go of “taking it personally” is a main focus for my life journey, so I want to devote three blog posts to the topic. Please let me know if I am boring you. Seriously.  Comment or send me an email.

In the first post I talked about some changes that help me take life less personally, but did not give very specific practices. These next two post will be devoted to Reminders and Practices*.

How Do You Feel About Money? Want to Be More Comfortable?

How much time have you spent thinking about money and the role it plays in your life? For many of us that time  probably has negative overtones, or at best we are ambivalent.

CoMoThe negative overtones can go like this:

  • I should be making more, or I should be further along.*
  • Why can I not get paid what I am worth? What am I worth?
  • How much is enough?
  • Wow, I had a good year.  Gotta be careful that others don’t think I am greedy or flaunting my riches.

When was the last time you said to yourself, “I have the perfect amount of money and am satisfied that I have provided value to the world in return”?

Intentionally Designed to Produce Joy… Menlo Innovations, Inc.

Here’s proof that Work = Joy.

CEO and author, Rich Sheridan honored my request to speak with him after I wrote about his book in my newsletter. His book is titled Joy, Inc. How We Built a Workplace People Love. It’s a wonderful read for anyone interested in the potential for business as a positive force.Joy, Inc.

First of all, just having Mr. Sheridan agree to talk with me was pretty joyful since I don’t have a connection to him except a shared belief that work can be blissful and that it’s mostly our responsibility to create it. His making time to share with me shows how deeply Rich believes in his work.

Rich talked about their physical space to start. When he first brought this up I was a little disappointed—seems sort of boring and I remembered his discussions from the book. But my disappointment was short lived as he communicated his passion about sharing a physical space where the energy can flow and mingle. At his company Menlo Innovations everyone works in one large, open space. That’s key.