Make Up Your Mind

Find Small Things To Be Happy About

Photo courtesy of Women’s Wilderness Retreats

“You’re about as happy as you make up your mind to be.”  This is what I heard from my dad when I asked for words of wisdom at his birthday celebration a while ago.

Dad did not remember who said it, but had found it useful in his life. Turns out they are from Abraham Lincoln, and more powerful because Lincoln suffered from clinical depression and said this before Positive Psychology was “discovered.”

As the weather here in New England gets COLD and icy, I get frustrated with the amount of effort needed to be outside, even to get the mail.  Layers of clothing, boots, crampons for the boots so I don’t slip on the ice. ARGH! Then I remember my folks growing up in Michigan before fleece, down jackets, and wool socks that do not itch, and realize how easy things are for me.

The Power of a Question Mark

What do you truly want?

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to give love and support is a little scary.

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to receiving love and support is a LOT scary.

Being more available to receiving love and support usually involves making a request. Most of us have a hard time making requests, especially direct requests.

The good news: It gets easier with practice.

The Miracle of a Single Flower

Dandy-lion K RobinsonThe Buddha says:

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

Thanks to Kathy Robinson who sent this lovely rendition of a dandelion in response to my post on Weeds and People. We Are Alike.  I am inspired by how she sees the potential in lawn weeds like Irene did.

Have a dandy weekend!

If you want to create miracles, come to the workshop on Creating Joyful Work next Thursday!

P.S. If you are ever in Northern Idaho and need a good real estate agent, call Kathy!

Happy Thanksgiving

No, I Have Not Lost Track of Time

121 Last November I talked about the difference between Thanksgiving Day and thanksgiving.  I planned to say “Happy Thanksgiving” more often since gratitude is a powerful part of creating a joyful life.

I have to admit that I have not said Happy Thanksgiving to folks out of season–though I still want to try it.  Perhaps they’ll think they are on Candid Camera?