Successful Executives Are Not Nice!

Guest post from Todd Ordal - CEO Advisor

The Seven Mantras Of Successful Leadership: #1Todd Ordal CEO Advisor Coach

The following is an excerpt from Todd Ordal’s soon to be released book, “Never Kick a Cow Chip on a Hot Day: Real Lessons for Real CEOs and Those Who Want to Be” from Morgan James Publishing.  I am blessed to be colleagues with Todd and the recipient of his insights, ideas and leadership genius–all couched in an amazing sense of humor. I am looking forward the whole book.

In Chapter One he explores “the seven mantras of successful leadership.” Here is the first.

Mantra # 1: Successful Executives Are Not Nice!

From the minute we engage with other humans (and even pets!) our parents tell us, “Be nice!” This is intended to be a catchall for eliminating behaviors like hitting, screaming, crying, or anything that makes the other people in the sandbox feel bad.

As we get older, we’re rewarded for being nice. When my kids were in elementary school, their teachers frequently complimented them for being nice, as in, “He hasn’t turned in any of his homework and has failed the past three tests, but he’s such a nice boy!” Nice is a hat hanger, a fall back sort of position when all else fails. But when it comes to the business of leadership, you are going to quickly see that nice isn’t always the best way to carry yourself.

Three Ways That Creating Joyful Work Helps Leaders

#5 of the Seven Roles For Every Manager to Create Lasting Results

Happy face on coffee cup on wooden background with vintage colour effect. Still life.

As a leader you want to build your team, and know that empowering each person on the team leads to accomplishing more*–for the whole team and for the individual.

Some leaders may think about empowering team members in concrete skills like project management, analytical dexterity, or the ability to trouble shoot software code or the process for product launches. You might even consider providing ways to help your team members develop soft skills like time management or communication.

Have you considered that each person being empowered to Create Joyful Work might help team members to improve, plus add to the bottom line for your team and your organization? I know it’s a super-soft skill, however there are big benefits.

Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life ~ Socrates

From "The Daily Conscious Leader"

I always relish the morning missives from Robert Silverstone.  Yesterday’s was especially powerful.  Thank you Robert.

RSilverstone mountains: Release :

Take a moment to breathe
and remember who you really are

Today, I am balance.

I let go of any tendencies to to over-commit or to under-deliver this day, for in so doing I bring greater balance to my work, my relationships and my life.

What can you let go for greater balance today?


“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”   
– Socrates


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Starting… ahhh, Continuing the Journey


I received this newsletter a few weeks ago and loved it. It’s from Penny Dickson, Founder of Women’s Wilderness Retreats.  Though we are starting March, not the year, her message is still WONDERFUL.  Enjoy!


Women's Wilderness Retreats logo cropDear friends,

In this first week of 2015, I have done much thinking about the process of setting goals and intentions, creating dreams, and making plans for the new year.

Many newsletters, blogs and articles have crossed my desk about “how to be our best in 2015.” I must admit, I find these articles of wisdom puzzling! There is so much emphasis on “being new and improved”, getting farther, looking better, being stronger, more successful, etc. etc. After all that reading I come to the conclusion that perhaps I am lacking- apparently I need to improve myself!

That’s all well and good. Yes, self improvement and motivation is a good thing. Yes, it’s a great idea to chart a course and set intentions in order to achieve  a new level of accomplishment in one’s life. But sometimes what is heard is that “you are not good enough”.

November Reflections Lead to a Mighty New Year

PAburdene headerGuest post from the Desk of Patricia Aburdene.  Though she sent this last November, I was re-reading it the other day and wanted to share because there are so many good thoughts for starting a New Year. Enjoy!

November Reflections

PAburdene treesNovember brings falling leaves, shortened days, frosty nights, and perhaps the first snowfall. The Celtic feast of Samhain (which we celebrate as Halloween and All Saints Day) ushers in the year’s eighth and final cycle. The year’s growth phase is complete. But even as the old fruit withers away, its seeds are buried deep in the earth to germinate at Winter Solstice and sprout into new life next year. Spiritually speaking, this is a critical phase. We’ve harvested the year’s achievements-both inner and outer-but have yet to fully grasp and integrate them.