You Have Already Won

One Insight for Self-Awareness

iStock_000005123017Small1You Have Already Won.

Last Monday I got to listen to a wonderful speech by that title.  Fellow Toastmaster, Tim Greenwood, expounded on the topic wonderfully.  He started by being a bit obsessed with getting “like”s on his phone, then transitioned to the benefits of doing it your way.

More important, he talked about doing it your way in a new and different way.  He encouraged us to something new.  It doesn’t really matter whether we gain or lose by the effort, it’s the trying that makes us a winner.

Can Joyful Work Help You to Stand Out?

Expert Dorie Clark Shares on How, and Why It Matters Anyway

Dec. 3, 2014. Boston, MA. Portraits of Dorie Clark. © 2014 Marilyn Humphries

Dorie Clark photo courtesy of © 2014 Marilyn Humphries

Autonomy and Creativity.

According to personal branding expert Dorie Clark when we humans feel like these qualities are maximized in our work we are more engaged, productive, and fulfilled–personally and professionally.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dorie recently.  The sentence above is how she answered my initial question on how the concepts of Creating Joyful Work tie in with her work on personal branding and marketing strategy.  From that start I knew it was going to be a great conversation!

Next we discussed how each of us can ensure these qualities are a part of our daily work. Dorie shared that most of us don’t know how to keep it going.  We want a fast process, a magic bullet or silver lining.  That does not usually happen so most people give up. The good news is that when we do persevere there’s not much competition!  Success increases.

Simply Listening is Simple, But Not Easy

iStock_3612253Sm-hummingbird-375x400 facing leftHow do you define trust? Especially in our work life?  My post on having an obligation to sell generated a few responses and one stood out.

“I avoid it [selling] mostly in situations where I value “trust and credibility”. Maybe I should try because I “believe”, but risking trust and credibility is daunting to me. These are valuable to my core identity. When faced with this I usually simply listen.

Can Captain America Show Us How to Be More Mindful?

chrisevansTraveling home from California last week, I learned a new description for mindfulness that is making a big difference in my practice.  I heard it from the actor Chris Evans. He is better known to many as Captain America. Here’s the excerpt that I loved from his interview in the American Way magazine:

Interviewer: “What does Evans wish he could tell his younger self, now that he’s got many years and movies under his belt?

Evans: “Shhhh,” he says, gently placing a finger to his lips.

Insightful Exchange: Ric Pratte, CEO and CoFounder of AlignRevenue

Ric_Pratte_Profile_new-300x300The best definition of company culture I have heard is “culture is how we get things done.”

This definition takes a noun that is often viewed as soft in the corporate world and turns it into action–the ultimate action of not just doing things, but “getting them done.”

I heard this phrase in an insightful exchange with Ric Pratte*, CEO and co-founder of AlignRevenue, a start-up which helps sales teams create collaborative conversations that are much more effective, and also take the place of boring sales presentations.  I asked Ric for an interview after hearing him talk about his company in a way that demonstrated he wants to create a workplace where people can be themselves, fully.

I started our conversation by asking Ric how he came to believe that a supportive workplace is important to the success of an organization. He replied that he has heard CEOs talk about “people being the most important asset”, then act disrespectfully with their teams and treat them like machines, not human beings.

He wants to do it differently. I think he is.