Confidence is Key. The Best Practice for Growing Yours

rock stack extra iStock_12682301LgConfidence is key on our journey of personal growth. It’s such a core concept that I usually forget about it. I was joyfully reminded of it’s value when I went through the exercise to choose a word for the year with my Toastmasters Club.

One member chose confidence as his word for the year.  Focusing on confidence is his basis to grow his comfort level and abilities as a speaker, and as a leader.

The second I heard him utter the word, I knew I had to write about it.  I think when we talk about confidence as the support structure for personal growth, we are referring to self-confidence.

The dictionary says that confidence is “full trust, belief in the powers of a person or thing.”  Love that: full trust

The standard advice for growing one’s self-confidence includes:

  • Act as if.  This means to act as though we are comfortable or able to do certain things and the true comfort in our ability, and self, will follow.
  • Learn new skills or expand current ones.
  • Just do it.  Sometimes just getting out of our comfort zone provides a much needed boost to our self-esteem.  Even if we do not succeed we know we tried.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200I have grown from using all the suggestions above. Additionally, the one thing I find most valuable is to just be myself, and love that person. When I accept who I am and love her unconditionally, everything else falls into place so much more easily.

Like many things, this concept is easy to spell out and challenging to execute on.  I am most successful when I take care of myself, honor my wishes, and follow my heart.

Does this idea resonate with you? What  methods do you use for self-care that lead to self-confidence?  Please share below with a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Confidence is Key. The Best Practice for Growing Yours

  1. It’s funny you wrote about this today. “Confidence” is one of my New Year’s goals, and “good posture” is one of the attributes to support it. Don’t slouch, sit up straight, walk with your head held high.


    • You are so right Dan, our physical and mental are so connected. Great idea! I am sitting up straighter now. 😉