Create Fun in Your Work? Yes You Can!

Always bring your entrepreneurial spirit to work.  I heard this last night at a program for entrepreneurs at TechSandBox from colleague and friend, Matthew Boyle, Chief Marketing Officer at an accounting and consulting firm.

Though he is not an entrepreneur in the strict sense of the word, his attitude and the extent to which his company allows and encourages this work ethic is linked to their success.

This idea that each of us can take responsibility for our work (and enjoying our work) is an an underlying ideal for this Over the Hump newsletter. I realized that I had not stated it out loud. So here it is: We can have an impact on how much we enjoy our work, a lot of impact. One way to create our own joy in our work is to bring our entrepreneurial spirit.

Here are a few ideas increasing our entrepreneurial engagement:

  • Look for a way to accomplish something that is more fun. I can see about half of you rolling your eyes at this idea, thinking, “My boss will never go for that.” Fun breeds collaboration and synergy, which usually lead to increased productivity.
  • Entrepreneurial means “organizing a business with risk and initiative.” Take initiative. Do something outside your usual tasks and comfort zone. Chances are you will be successful and learn something new, which is usually pleasant (at least in the long run).
  • Discuss this idea with a friend at work and come up with some ideas together. Even if you don’t implement any of them, doing this will give you a new view of your work.

Wow, I feel more excited about my work already and cannot wait to get this out and get started on the marketing strategy for my client–with an entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks for being there so I have an excuse to get these thoughts organized!

How will you bring an entrepreneurial spirit to your work this week?  Add more fun? Take initiative in a new way? Talk it over? Or?  Please leave a comment below!


Drag your thoughts away from your troubles…  
by the ears, by the heals, or any other way you can manage it.
~ Mark Twain

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