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Do you want more from your work?
It might be easier than  you think – just a few moments each day.

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Creating Joyful Work has ideas to get you started today with easy, straightforward suggestions for:

  • Starting a daily practice to become empowered to (choose to) Stand It Good every day, no matter what the situation
  • Creating or finding your own support community to help you ensure that your changes stick

Most of us want to have joy, but we let our history, programs and out-dated practices get in the way. This book is an easy guide to creating those small corners of Joyful Work that flavor your whole day.

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“The leaders of today’s best companies recognize that business has to be the ultimate value creator in our society. Creating Joyful Work supports the grass roots movement of the individuals who want to be a part of this transformation-to enhance their own life and to be a part of the transformation.” ~ Raj Sisodia, Babson College FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism, Author of Firms of Endearment
“For any company to sustain prosperous growth, its people need to connect their gifts to the company’s mission in a meaningful way. Creating Joyful Work offers a fresh perspective and challenges the notion that execution is everything.”
~ Jacqueline Franklin, Chief Coaching Partner
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