Defining success and making decisions

How do you define success?

For most of us the definition changes depending on the circumstances.  Success for a bicycle ride or Sunday dinner is defined differently than success at work, or when people outside our immediate family are involved.

When I am resistant to changing my mind about something, it’s often related to how I view success for the situation.  For example, I might view success about a car trip as getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  However, Jeff might define it as enjoying the view and changing colors on a lovely fall day. At work I might assign a higher priority to customer happiness and engagement than profits.  The finance team may have another definition…

There are a few reasons to change our minds, and therefore our definition of success:

  • When it’s more important to collaborate with others than stick to our definition
  • When circumstances change that are beyond our control–weather, executive decision, the grocery store does not have fresh kumquats
  • We simply wake up the next morning with a different opinion, or goal

This seems like such a basic process, and we all make these changes somewhat automatically weekly, or even daily–so why write about it?  I find that when I put ideas down on “paper” it helps me to organize my thoughts and have a framework for making decisions. I think that helps me to make changes, or stand my ground, more readily, and hopefully more intelligently.

What about you? How do you define success? Do you agree with the characterization that changing our minds and our goals often relies on changing our definition of success? Please share by posting a comment below.

My best wishes for an amazing day and week. See you next Wednesday!

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