Want to Do It Differently? Three Easy Ideas to Start

colored-pencils-iStock_2617116SmI am left handed, and I love it.  I think that the benefits of being different outweigh the downsides–like being frustrated with scissors and bumping elbows at the dinner table.

Though it was many decades ago, I still remember vividly the first time I liked the idea of being different in a left-handed way*.

Perhaps that realization has flavored my life, or perhaps I am just weird.  Whatever the reason, I like to try to do things differently. In the last few days a number of examples have come my way, so I knew it was time to share about this important topic.

First, the examples**:

Not many of us have the audacity of Richard Branson, or the family inheritance of the gentleman building the road in Tallahassee, but we can still make a difference. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Speaking up , or acting up, for something we believe in though others are against it–by sharing our belief gently rather than making others wrong
  • Believe that bumping elbows at the dinner table means possibly getting to know a stranger, and is not always a bad thing
  • Pull a recyclable item out of the trash and put it into the recycle bin. If the person who mis-filed the recyclable is around, give them a big smile, or even a hug

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What one thing will you do differently this week?  How do you feel? Please share by commenting below!

Continued success!

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* I’d also like to thank my parents for being open minded about it.

** I was reminded of the first two examples in a wonderful book, Stand Out, just released yesterday by colleague Dorie Clark.  Overview and insights coming soon!

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