Don’t Should on Yourself

personal-growthI love this phrase because really… who is the hardest on me?  Me!

Since I heard this phrase and started thinking about the things I “should do” versus the things that are true to my core values and not a result of my programming, I realize how often I am doing, or even thinking, things that are not in alignment with who I am.

In addition, when I asked myself where that program came from, I usually made that up too, then blame the other person so I don’t have to take responsibility for being so hard on myself.

Ahh, the joys of the human psyche.  I am sure there are more levels to this, but for now it’s Friday afternoon and I am just going to focus on letting go of the shoulds.

What about you?  Are you hard on yourself?  What programs are you ready to let go of?

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