Stop Complaining. It Helps!

My mom is visiting from California for the first time in years, so even though the weather here in New England is hot and muggy I am determined to get out and show her the sights.

Last Saturday we ventured to Gillette Castle in Connecticut, picking up Jeff’s mom along the way.  It was interesting and fun to see this funky castle built entirely of local rock, like a stone Lego building.  Inside is covered with intricately carved wooden paneling and the doors have 47 different designs on their surfaces.

And it was HOT, and MUGGY. Getting out of the air-conditioned car on to the blacktop driveway under the driving sun felt like walking into a sauna.  So we quickly walked toward the shade, bought our tickets and headed inside.  Without air-conditioning the massive stone building felt cool, especially with the breeze coming from the Connecticut River below. However many people around us could not stop talking about how hot it was.  I found myself getting cranky. Then I realized why–their complaining made me feel more sweaty and uncomfortable.

I realized I was NOT more sultry, just noticing it more because I heard others talking about it. It reminded me of my guidelines for complaining:

  • honest processing is allowed for awhile to help me move forward, but just whining about something is a waste of energy
  • when something is bothering me, either do something about it or let it go
  • say, “this too shall pass” (and try to hold on to the heat for the winter days to come)

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200So I decided that even though I felt hot and uncomfortable, I would not let it bother me.  I let myself relax into the heat, enjoyed the tour and the view and actually forgot about the stickiness at times.  The amazing ice cream after the tour did help too, and nicely fits into the category of doing something about it.

What do you do to let go when you cannot change things that are bothering you?  Please share by commenting below!

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