One Easy Request That Most Of Us Avoid

It's a fast track to deeper relationships

kitten looking up, very gracefulWhy do we human beings have such a hard time accepting support?  Recently I went through a challenging family  process, and the minute I talked with an expert, I felt the weight of the world life from my shoulders.

I was no further along that 60 seconds prior, but I FELT lots more peaceful and hopeful.  I knew that others had traveled a similar path and come out okay.  Perhaps even stronger.

However, that was easy because it was a situation I did not know much about.  Most of the time I avoid asking for help and support. I want to be independent, capable, self-sufficient.  Mostly, I want to avoid feeling like I owe others.

That’s the big joke. One of the best ways to deepen a relationship is to truly be of service. We humans like to help. We like to feel useful. I believe it’s a rare situation where the helper feels like the person they have helped owes them. It’s one of the best ways to deepen a relationship is to truly be of service.

So this week I will ask for support at least one time when I REALLY do not want to.  Who wants to join me?

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