Is It Enough to “Do What You Say”?

Karin HurtWhat’s the difference between “doing what you say” and “follow through”?

I was just inspired by this brilliant explanation from Karin Hurt of Let’s Grow Leaders–coach, consultant, leader, educator.  Almost everything I read from Karin is insightful, meaningful and most important, useful.  But this idea stands out.

Here are Karin’s guidelines under the heading of “Tips for Getting Your Boss to Trust You” in her exceptional book Overcoming an Imperfect Boss:

Do What You Say You Will Do

Keep your commitments – every time.  Integrity and consistency are vital to trust.  If you have to change your commitment, communicate quickly and explain why.

Follow Through

This one is slightly different from the first tip.  Follow through involves looking at the outcomes of your actions and ensuring that they achieved the desired results.  “Doing what you say” is not enough if it did not produce the right outcome.  There is more work to do.  Do it, or ask for help.

I love that she makes the distinction between getting it done and paying attention to the outcome.  In other words, being proactive. By requesting this of her team, she is giving them permission to take responsibility for more.  Even if the person needs to ask for help, recognizing that more is needed and organizing the help is really powerful, for everyone involved.

Overcoming Imperfect BossBTW… this guideline is very useful for life in general, not just the office.

Does this idea resonate with you?  How do you know when you or your team have achieved desired outcomes?  Please let us know by commenting below.KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200

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