Brand, Brand, Who’s Got the Brand?

Great examples of companies that are more than their logo

google logo valentineOver the last few weeks I’ve talked about branding – the value of a strong brand.

As stated before, for companies like Apple and McDonalds the brand is more valuable than all the buildings and machinery.  For most companies it’s worth about one-third of their market valuation.

As Google reminds us, a brand is a living thing.  They break the rule about consistency by changing their logo to suit the situation, and it works–keeping viewers coming back. Google is excellent at simplicity though, a hallmark of most great brands.

On to the fun part, do you mind if I share a few of the brands that I really like?

  • Chipotle: yes, I know they have had their troubles. In my view they always work hard to overcome them–like giving out free burritos yesterday. I admire them for entering a crowded market with a new mission of “putting the food back in fast-food”, and not wavering.dai-chipotle-logo-304
  • Amazon: I go to their website even when I am not interested in buying something.  I go there to learn from books in the lengthly reviews people write, or when I am trying to decided which movie to watch on Netflix, their competitor.  I am pretty sure they do not care, because is where I go to purchase stuff too. I love their logo–how the smile goes from A to Z.
  • budweiser-puppy-love-commercialBudweiser: They were the first to break the mold of beer commercials, especially during the Super Bowl. They tell a story that keeps me engaged, and gets me thinking about buying their beer when I would not have. I am not sure what puppies and horses have to do with enjoying libations, but I am not going to argue! I admit that I watched for their new puppy commercial during the Super Bowl this year, and am disappointed to have not had one (though I do love their message about safe driving, especially delivered by Helen Mirren).

What do you think about brands and branding?  How are they more than a logo in  your work? Yes, I will ask–which SuperBowl commercial was your fav?

Continued success!

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