The Honor of a Challenging Process

Service, support, and the best of humanity

I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks working with my mom to handle a challenging family situation.  Now that the majority of the work is behind us, healing and growing past the frustrations, anger and fear is our main focus.

As I think about moving forward, I know that the fastest, most healthy way to do that is for everyone involved to continue to be honest, supportive and collaborative.

So, as I came here to write about business this morning I am can only think of how important personal relationships are to EVERY aspect or our lives.  Here are a few insights as I think about these weeks:

  • Even though I work to understand and appreciate my colleagues, family and friends, I now see how much I project my ideas, wishes, and requirements on to them.  I now have a renewed interest in knowing and accepting others as they are.
  • Most human beings want to help and support other human beings.  People I did not know 10 days ago have shared amazing compassion, care, and effort with me and my mom. They helped to turn a very challenging process into one where I got to experience the best humanity has to offer.
  • The net of support is wider than we imagine when we are engrossed in the events of our days. My dear uncle in Michigan shared that our family there was thinking of us often, bringing tears to my eyes as I felt their caring from many miles away.
  • Being of true service to another is an honor.  This does not mean I can go through it without frustration, anger, and fear; however when I am reminded that my efforts are supporting my dear mom and step-dad, I can relax a bit and know that life is okay.

What are the lessons you have learned from challenging journeys?  Please share and let us all learn from you by commenting below.

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