How Am I Doing?

Kaliday site home-banner2I gave myself a B-minus.  Last week I talked about knowing the core purpose for our businesses, and gave some simple examples of an ice cream store and barber shop.

That prompted me to review the purpose of my business, and ask whether I am expressing it well.  I think am doing a pretty good job, but one basic thing needs improving.

For How Good Can You Stand It?, I still love the vision that “Everyone knows how to create one moment of Joyful Work, every day.”  But when I say those words to someone I’ve just met, they sometimes look more confused than engaged.

110I wanted to improve is how I talk about my work when I meet new people–the elevator pitch.  Here are my updated statements:

  • Kaliday: I help companies get organized  around all their ideas and goals for growing their company, then get then the best projects executed–with excellent results.
  • HGCYSI?: I help people be more engaged, harmonious, and joyful in their work, with small practices that add up to big differences.

In these type of statements I think it’s important to…

  • be general so that any potential colleague is engaged initially.  If I said something like “marketing ideas” rather than “ideas for growing”, it might dissuade someone who does not use the term marketing to think about how they want their company to grow.  If being too general engages the wrong person, further discussion will show that quickly–so not much time is wasted, on either side.
  • discuss value and outcomes, not specific products or service offerings.
  • share enough information that some credibility is achieved, enough so that the other person wants to continue the conversation.
  • remember it’s easier to scare off a prospective customer or client with too much information.  Too little information is usually more engaging than it is off-putting.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What do you say when someone asks about what you do?  Are you happy with the results?

After working on this for an hour, I now give myself a B-plus.  Of course, what’s really important is what others think.  Do my statements resonate with you?  If I said them in response to the standard question, “What do you do?”, would you be interested, or put off?

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2 thoughts on “How Am I Doing?

  1. Fantastic job Lisa. Interesting, succinct and inspirational. I like, I like. Another “Over the Hump” message has been the fuel injection to motivate the jets to propel higher and raise the bar of expectation and performance. Thank you for sharing your insight. -Gene