How Do You Feel About Money? Want to Be More Comfortable?

How much time have you spent thinking about money and the role it plays in your life? For many of us that time  probably has negative overtones, or at best we are ambivalent.

CoMoThe negative overtones can go like this:

  • I should be making more, or I should be further along.*
  • Why can I not get paid what I am worth? What am I worth?
  • How much is enough?
  • Wow, I had a good year.  Gotta be careful that others don’t think I am greedy or flaunting my riches.

When was the last time you said to yourself, “I have the perfect amount of money and am satisfied that I have provided value to the world in return”?

If you want to journey toward being really comfortable with this statement, I can highly recommend a great book, Conscious Money by Patricia Aburdene. This best-selling author and leading social forecaster has done an amazing job of developing this sensitive topic.

Not only did Ms. Aburdene help me understand and enhance my relationship with money and wealth, the book is beautifully written–giving voice to many ideas about wealth in a profound way that helped me to understand them better.  I know it will guide you toward being more comfortable in your relationship with money.

Here’s what I like about Conscious Money:

  • Every chapter has many Exercises to help instill our new learning, ideas for Reflection and Affirmation to deepen our understanding–for ourselves and of the world around us, and Resources to assist in completing the Exercises.
  • Chapter 1 starts with an exercise to understand our core value(s) as a basis for knowing what drPatricia Aburdeneives us in our lives and therefore our relationship with money. I have done similar exercises many times, for myself and with my clients, and still learned something. Plus I found a new core value I did not know I had: Faith.
  • Chapters 2 and 3 help us to understand the value of emotional intelligence, especially around our relationship with money, abundance and wealth. They also help us have a healthier relationship with money and it’s role in our lives. Then she delves into our programs around money, wealth and abundance, and our shadows, with guidance for letting go of patterns that do not serve us.
  • The middle chapters outline the business world, trends toward more conscious models and our roles in moving them forward–like mindful spending. Patricia believes, as I do, that every single person’s attitude toward their work helps to create the overall corporate mentality.
      • “Organizations possess consciousness just as individuals do. A business’s consciousness is the group awareness residing in it’s people. In is anchored in the values they share and is expressed in their attitudes and actions.”

    The last chapters discuss conscious investing and the promise of global consciousness–specific ideas about the ways in which being mindful is changing how investors use their money to vote** and how being more aware and conscientious as business people we can change the world. Ms. Aburdene encourages us to “balance the growth of your Conscious Money with a clear intention to confront and resolve tough global challenges. Finding that balance calls for the wisdom, understanding, and creativity that can only be sources through values and consciousness.”

I had the honor of talking with Patricia about her book and she calls it CoMo. I love it! With a name like that it takes on a life of it’s own, which is good–this work is that important.

If you are interested in joining a group to read this guide together and support one another in growing our relationship with money, please let me know. We can meet in person or on the phone and Patricia may make a guest appearance!

Even if you do not read CoMo, please take a moment to think about your relationship with money and wealth and perhaps say aloud, “I have the perfect amount of money and am satisfied that I have provided value to the world in return.”

How does that feel? Scary? Invigorating? Hopeful? For me it’s all three.

Thank you Patricia for sharing your values, visions and ideas so beautifully. They have made a difference in my life.


* I am trying to stop “shoulding” on myself, so even writing this was a challenge!

** Investing in companies that are socially responsible and conscious brings larger financial rewards as well as helping us feel good that we are supporting institutions that are in alignment with our values.

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    • Hi Jen – Thanks so much! Which book do you mean? Conscious Money–the one the post is about? Or the Creating Joyful Work eBook?
      Hugs! Lis

    • Hi Jen – If you want to purchase Conscious Money, just click on the image of the book, or the title in the paragraph to link to Let me know what you think. Thank you!