How Just One Moment Can Impact Your Whole Day–For the Better

girl on beach iStock_16452355LgOne Moment Makes It Possible

My vision for HGCYSI? is “Everyone knows how to create one moment of Joyful Work, every day.”

Why just one moment? Life cannot always contain “good” things, and if it did it would be quite boring. Life happens, and challenges come our way. Some things cannot be avoided or controlled.

What we can control is our reaction to them… and the actions we take in response. These reactions and actions can be more productive when we have created a foundation of Joyfulness. Or, when there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation, a joyful attitude helps us leave it behind more quickly and easily.

Here’s an example: Have you ever spent a day, or even half of a day, with a 2-year-old? Much of the time is spent making sure they don’t get into things, or that they don’t yell too loudly, or say “no” too much. Then, there is usually a moment when they smile at you, or hug you. Your heart melts. The frustration of those hectic moments disappears.

Or, if you are not around 2-year-olds, how about finishing a project, having a great conversation with a customer or colleague, or a really great golf or tennis swing, or a resonant moment of playing guitar? Did you feel alive in a powerful way? How does it feel to remember that moment? It keeps us coming back for more projects, conversations, guitar, golf, or tennis, or 2-year-olds.

It’s not about being joyful all the time; that’s a dream and not a healthy balance. However, we can enhance our work life when we pay attention to those joyful moments. And we can create them.

Why does this matter? Those moments help us to know that joyfulness is usually around the corner, which helps us to have a more positive attitude toward our work, and toward those we work with.

Just one Joyful moment each day will help us to know work as a calling. How would our world feel if every single person on our planet worked toward that?

What moments of Joyful Work can you celebrate or create today? Please share and help everyone learn to create more by commenting below!

(Note: this post is from the book, Creating Joyful Work.  The concept is foundational to our work of creating more joy in our workplace.)

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