How to Get Lots of Customers By NOT Sucking

It's Easy to Get Addicted to Houzz


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Sunset Magazine is one of my favorites.  As lifestyle magazines go it’s pretty expensive at $24 per year, but after a couple of years without it, I ponied up again and now eagerly look forward to it’s arrival in my mail box each month.

I should love their website, but it sucks.  I wish I had another way to describe it.  I tried.  The s-word just keeps coming up.  It’s due to the preponderance of advertisements.

Their content is okay and I sometimes steel myself and spend a few moments looking around.  Then the article I am reading jumps around because an ad changes, or I click and the new page takes a long time to load because of the ads.  When there’s a great photo I cannot make it larger.  So I sigh regretfully, close the Sunset site and move over to Houzz. And sigh again, peacefully.

I feel at home on Houzz.  I routinely spend an hour on the the website, and sometimes have to drag myself away.

What’s the difference between the two websites?  My first inclination in comparing the two sites is to say that Houzz does not suck.  And, it’s more than that.  The site is easy to use and gives me what I want in a professional and artistic manner.  I actually like the advertisements because they are targeted to my tastes and do not flash.

Yesterday I got lucky. One of my clients asked me to investigate the process to advertise on Houzz.  I got to spend an enjoyable hour on the phone with one of their sales reps.  Wait! “An enjoyable hour” and “sales rep” in the same sentence? Yup!

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200No wonder Houzz is growing quickly and seems to be successful. What I really want to say is, “Thank you for not sucking.” More important, thank you for showing me that you can make a living on the internet with enjoyable, useful content–including the advertisements.

What about you? What sites or selling methods do you actually like?  What do you or your company do to engage customers that causes them to sigh peacefully?

Please help us by commenting below!

Continued success!

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