How Wanting to Yell Taught Me Patience

Or, the value of a bathroom break

Ahhhhhhh!!Last Wednesday I talked about hatching success by taking time to create an effective strategy.  As I wrote that post I remembered the importance of patience. The first time I realized just how important it is I was trying to keep myself from yelling at my boss.

I thought he was over-analyzing a proposal we needed to deliver to a customer.  It was late.  I had worked…on the structure of the offering and associated prices for hours. I then brought it to Brad, my boss, for (a quick) final review.  Forty-five minutes later I did not know whether to cry, scream or run away.  So I took a bathroom break.

As I walked back to his office I realized that his additional scrutiny and effort were crafting a deal what was more of a win-win, and therefore more likely to be accepted by our customer. More important, the updated offering was more likely to create long term success, for both my company and our customer. I admired his patience, fortitude and focus–especially at the end of a long day. I realized also that this patience was key to his success as a sales person, business owner and industry icon.

In the years since his patience has motivated me to “measure twice, cut once.”  I make time to

  • read that proposal, e-newsletter, or strategy document one more time, carefully
  • allow myself to save an email in the Drafts folder overnight to read it with fresh eyes in the morning
  • call a colleague to discuss an idea or situation to get a different viewpoint

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What about you?  Do you have to actively create patience or does it come naturally?  In either case, what are the benefits you derive?  If you have to actively create patience, what techniques do you use?

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P.S. Happy Happy Birthday to my brother Steve!!! Na, na–you’re older than I am!

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