Listening: A Lost Link in a Loud World

from the book "Poised for Success"

Poised-for-Success-by-Jacqueline-WhitmoreI just finished reading Poised for Success and received quite a few useful tidbits from this gracious author, Jacqueline Whitmore. Since I work mostly in high-tech where dress is casual and open expression encouraged, I did not expect to get much from an etiquette expert.

But I did. (Plus my mom is as gracious as they come, so I had a great example all my life to build upon.)My favorite chapter is Listening: The Lost Link in a Loud World. With a title like that, who could help but read on? Here are my favorite tidbits:

  • We are capable listening well when it really matters, but social graces fly out the window when we are tired or preoccupied. This made me realize how important it is to practice because listening skills are like a muscle – they get stronger with practice, and are then more able to be useful when we are not at our best.
  • Listening is the best way to help others feel special. What a great way to help us all be our best self.
  • “Never give advice or criticism unless you’re being paid for it.” She heard this from a mentor and I LOVE it because it gives me the reason I need to relax and just listen, rather than trying to always be helpful. Deeply hearing another person is often the best way to help them.
KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200What do you think about listening? Is it a “lost link in a loud world”? What do you do to listen and link?  Please let us know by sharing your comment below.
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