Listening Is Powerful, Especially When We Relax

rock-stack-extra-right-hand 600x599Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about being a better listener inspired by hearing William Ury speak recently and then listening to his TED talk.

One thing I realized is that good listening is helping the other person feel heard, not just opening my ears.

For me that means that I let go and quiet my mind–mostly of trying to figure out how to help them. It’s a great irony that in trying to help someone I forget about one of the best ways to assist-hearing them fully.

Quieting one’s mind is one of those things that’s simple and challenging. I find that even a few seconds of relaxing into quiet, letting go of the “should”s feels peaceful and powerful. And, it helps the other person feel peaceful and powerful too.

Thanks for listening.

Your turn. What helps you feel heard?

With open ears, mind and heart,

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