My Love–Hate Relationship with Christmas

And how to lean toward love

I love Christmas and the holidays.

I get to guiltlessly sing along with John Denver and the Muppets at full volume (when no one is around), just sit and stare at the Christmas tree decorated with treasures gathered from near and far over many years, bake a lot, gather with family and friends, and drink milk loaded with fat and sugar (eggnog).

So why do I have bouts of feeling miserable during these lovely days?  When I do allow myself to pause for a few minutes, I realize it’s because I load my plate too full–then take that list seriously.  How crazy is that?

As I have pondered being a human being all these years, I realize that it’s human nature to often create these ironic situations.

  • I exercise too much and then lament being sore
  • I sit at my desk for long periods, staring at the screen, then wonder why I am stiff and have a headache
  • I agree to do things that are outside my wheelhouse, then am frustrated when it takes a lot of time and energy

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200The bottom line question is “How do we really honor ourselves?”

To have a hope of achieving this, I try to slow down and ask myself what’s really important to me? What honors my core beliefs and values?

Then sometimes I buy a dessert rather than make it from scratch, or say no to a project that’s not the best fit, or yes to time with someone who fills me up.

Or just sit still for a few minutes. And take DEEP breaths.  Or not.

How do you honor your SELF during the holidays, or any time of year?

Please share in the comments below.

My deepest wishes for a Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays to everyone!

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