Not Off a Cliff, & Other Places Where a Step Is Better Than a Leap

Image from Rand Fishkin

Image from Rand Fishkin


At the risk of boring you, I would like to continue the conversation from last week about the value of taking a step–in this case, the value of taking small steps.

Stuart Cross expressed the benefits of small steps brilliantly in his newsletter last Friday. He talks about learning to rock climb and how the advice from his teacher enabled him to reach the top more quickly, even though he took smaller steps.

Stuart ties that concept to successful business growth saying, “It is tempting to look for a ‘silver bullet’ solution and achieve your goal in a single giant leap, but success tends to come from a sequence of smaller steps. Even transformational innovations are often delivered through a succession of incremental moves.”

The famous example is Thomas Edison’s work to invent a production version of the lightbulb. Stuart shares about the Dyson vacuum with more than 5,000 prototypes, yes there are 3-zeros in that number. (I encourage you to spend 2 minutes reading Stuart’s full post.)

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200I see firsthand how the clients I work with are most successful when they are willing to learn from their mistakes, and keep moving forward. They start by not calling them mistakes, but lessons learned.

Is there a place in your life where you are looking or waiting for a big leap forward, but small steps might be more powerful?

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Continued success!

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3 thoughts on “Not Off a Cliff, & Other Places Where a Step Is Better Than a Leap

    • Thanks Rudy, the TED talk is worth watching. Love this phase from Sarah Lewis in the talk, “We thrive when we stay at our own leading edge.” One more way of saying it’s the journey, not the destination that makes our life rich.