One Easy Way to Have a Happier New Year

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200Did you choose your word for 2015 yet?

If not, the post from Monday has guidance for easily implementing this simple practice that has greatly contributed to my personal growth for the last couple of years–much more than resolutions did.  And, it’s easier to implement–what could be happier?  Today we’ll talk about getting the most from your word.

First, I’ll share the word I chose: allowing.

I went through a number of ideas, and allowing kept coming back to me…I like it because it embodies all the good qualities I want for my word of the year.  It’s positive. It has broad scope that I can apply it to any situation:  Allowing my true self to shine, or rest; Allowing the abundance of the universe; Allowing connection, joy, love.

Plus it’s active in that it alludes to doing something, yet helps me to relax into the flow of life at the same time.

Once you have chosen your word (or two if really necessary), use it to guide your progress–especially when confused about direction in a situation.  Here are some tactics I use to ensure that my word remains at the front of my mind:

  • Write it down where you will see it: office wall, desktop, bathroom mirror, tablet or portfolio where you take notes, dashboard, background on your computer or smartphone*
  • Do you have a process for making decisions? I sometimes walk away from my desk and write in a journal. So I put my word prominently in my journal.
  • Create a reminder to pop up with your word–either at random future dates, or each day or week on a schedule
  • Create a list of related words, then make flashcards with the main word on the front of each and the related word on the back. Draw one card as a theme for the day or week.
  • Journal about your word, or related word
  • To incorporate your word in decision making think about the criteria for a decision, then ensure your focus is represented.
    • For example: In deciding whether to attend a conference in San Francisco, but am concerned about the time away from my work and family. When I think about my focus for the year, allowing, I relax and allow the question to hang around. I know that the best answer will come in time, rather than waste energy worrying because I have not decided.
Kit Night's Perfect Toast to the New Year

Kit Night’s Perfect Toast to the New Year

This exercise can take 15 minutes or 3 weeks, and no matter how little time you spend it benefits you.  I ran through it in 3 minutes with my Toastmaster’s Club last Monday and they responded with some amazing words: humor, persistence, organization, confidence.  More important, each person seemed touched by the idea of their own personal focus.  Thank you Robert Silverstone for getting me started on this practice!

I closing I would like to say Thank You to YOU all who make it so fun and rewarding for me to express my truth.  I am so honored by your presence and your sharing and will continue to strive to allow myself to be inspired by you and your ideas.

My best wishes for an amazing New Year!


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