One Sure Way to Bring Joyfulness to Thanksgiving

acorn2 free DSC02129We all love Thanksgiving, right?  It’s such a great holiday that even people who did not grow up here in the United States typically embrace Thanksgiving.

And, the day itself can have it’s challenges and stresses–too much to do, at one time, with lots of cooks in the kitchen. And the kitchen is hot.

Here’s my request for each and every one of you: find a way to remind yourself to pause for a moment to think DEEPLY of the things you are grateful for. Go beyond the usual things like family, friends, pumpkin pie, and cable TV.

What about deep abiding love that you have worked hard for?  Or a connection with a long lost friend? Or running water that comes out of the tap clean, fresh and the exact temperature you would like it to be?

Your reminder can be setting an alarm on your phone (or regular clock!), wearing a special piece of jewelry or sweater so that you will pause when you notice it, or a doorway you walk through, or a smile on someone’s face.  If you make a plan to have something trigger you to pause, chances are that you will.

Then allow that pause to resonate with the core of your humanity, to fully feel Joyfulness.

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