The Pineapple Theory of Creating Joyful Work

You can create JOY in the "stuff you gotta do"

iStock_1096099_Sm smiling pineappleI love my work. I am lucky that I get to do stuff I like most of the day.  The people I work with treat me well. I hope they think I treat them well.

And, there are parts of my day that I do not enjoy.  Since one of my main focuses in work (and life) is Creating Joyful Work, I spent some time pondering this potential conundrum.

It’s kind of like eating pineapple. I LOVE pineapple, especially when I can find a really fresh one with lots of flavor.*  Then there’s the process of cutting off the rind and getting all the tough bits out without wasting too much of the delicious fruit, when all I want to do is sit down to a large bowl of luciousness.

Our work is like that process of prepping the pineapple for consumption. There are activities we do not enjoy, but have to complete in order to get to the good stuff, or to support the good stuff.

There are four ways I look at that “stuff I gotta do” to help me find the joy in them as well:

  1. Remind myself of the end result or big picture. In the case of fruit peeling it’s that delectable bowl of pineapple.  At work it’s the blog post published, comments from you, or clients growing their businesses.
  2. Find fun in the “stuff I gotta do”, like arranging the pineapple rind decoratively in the compost bowl, or writing gibberish to find the fun in writing again.
  3. Sneak a taste of the end product–whether’s its pineapple, reading past comments or reviewing a client’s website to find my motivation
  4. Give myself permission to take a break.  Perhaps I am human after all.  😉

Do you see a theme in all 4 of these points? To me, it’s looking away from the task at hand and getting a sense of something more than the frustration or boredom in front of me.  The break can be 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 hours.  It almost always includes a deep breath, or two.

What about you?  How to you peel a pineapple, or create Joyful Work?  What specific actions to you take?

Please help us all grow by commenting below!

Continued success,

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*You can tell by the smell if it’s going to be a good one.  Even a green pineapple will have a scent of pineapple if it’s going to be tasty when ripe. It’s all I can do to not drive to the store right this minute!

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