The Power of a Question Mark

What do you truly want?

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to give love and support is a little scary.

Opening our hearts in order to be more available to receiving love and support is a LOT scary.

Being more available to receiving love and support usually involves making a request. Most of us have a hard time making requests, especially direct requests.

The good news: It gets easier with practice.

Trusting yourself and the other person enough to ask, AND making the request, almost always brings joy to both parties. There’s a caveat: the request should be a true request, not a manipulation.

Where can you practice requesting today?

It can be as simple as asking someone to hold the door, or repeat their question. One key to a true request is to ask straight out, and avoid hinting. For example:

Hinting: I am not sure I understand.

Request: Would you please repeat your question?

Hinting: Here I come!

Request: Would you please hold the door for me?

How often do we say “for me”? It is empowering for you and develops a connection with the person holding the door. A win-win!

That’s the power of a question mark–knowing you are worthy of a true request, plus creating connections with others.

Think back over the last few days, think about a situation where you did make a true request. Give yourself a little pat on the back.

Now think back to find a situation where making a true request would have been more powerful. What question did your heart really want to ask? What did you want to ask for? Does it make sense to practice making that request in the privacy of your own mind?

Please help us all learn by commenting below.

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In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark

on the things you have long taken for granted.

~ Bertrand Russell


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