Workshops to Help Your Shift to Creating Joyful Work

Small Practices That Add Up to Big Changes

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From 30-minutes to six sessions, choose how you want to learn and grow.

If you, like me, learn more quickly from experiencing, interactions, and/or practices here are the options to choose from!

Groups from 4 to 40 have used the ideas from workshops on Creating Joyful Work to enhance their attitude toward their work with small, simple practices that add up to big changes. Big changes in what you might ask?

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Get the ideas, insights and practices that has people saying, “This is one of the most useful workshops I have been to in the last 10 years!”

Here’s an overview of the experiential programs:

  • Webinar just for your group or public sessions
  • Workshop and coaching for groups
    • At your office
    • Follow-up coaching via phone and email
    • Just 30 minutes to 3 hours to get started on meaningful changes
  • Six sessions
    • Combination of workshops in person and over the web
    • Individual and group coaching

Please call me or send me an email to learn more!

Thanks for your interest in the vision of every person empowering themselves to create one moment of Joyful Work, every day.

Joyful regards,

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