Which is Better, Right or Good?

Just do the next right thing.  I loved the idea of this, especially because the nature of much of my work is custom–for my clients and in my writing. When figuring out my next action, I can waste a lot of time in analysis paralysis.  So I was really inspired by that statement, until I realized that I was also getting stuck on the word “right.”

I saw that most of the time I am stuck in analysis paralysis because I am trying for the right thing, when most times just doing something leads me in a good direction. (And a good direction is the best direction because I will never know where the other directions would have led.)

Here are some ideas why:

  • Doing something brings ideas that help and encourage forward movement
  • I sometimes learn that I have headed in a direction that’s not useful, and can now take that idea off the table
  • Small successes are great building blocks, in fact they may be the only building blocks since all large projects are built of small actions
  • Our choices are narrowed by the idea that there are wrong actions to always avoid–such as when “just doing something”  might harm another person or thing in any way

Here’s a wonderful example: I had the honor of hearing Golbie Kamarie of Black Rock Financial speak at Wisdom 2.0 about the mindfulness program she started in her company. The program now serves thousands of employees around the globe. Initially she pondered the idea for a while, not sure how to make it successful.  She reported that when she reserved a conference room for the first meeting she felt a leap forward, though reserving a conference room does not seem related to a mindfulness program. That concrete step created an important shift for her.

What shift are you looking for?  What small, un-right, step will you take this week?

Please let us know by commenting below or sending me an email!

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“Concerning all acts of initiative and creation
there is one elementary truth—
that the moment one definitely commits oneself,
then Providence moves too.”

~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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