Skiing in the Rain – Challenge Accepted!

IMG_0521My world is turned upside down.

Usually I go out west to ski powder, leaving behind the icy, crusty skiing of New England–and also to visit friends. This year, those snow conditions are reversed. A couple of weeks ago I traveled to northern Idaho.  Leaving 18 inches of fresh powder behind, I arrived to 34° F and rain on the Idaho slopes, at 6000 feet!

Having traveled across the country to ski, Jeff and I bravely put on our gear and headed out with the hosts of the B&B where we stay.  (They are such good allies they decided to venture forth when normally they would have chosen a different activity.)  As we approached the lodge we saw other friends, Gary and Denny, coming in from their first run. We barely recognized our hardy chums who are experienced skiers–they had been transformed into something resembling a cat climbing out of a bathtub full of water.  They were in good spirits having braved a run, but at 9:02 a.m. were heading to the lodge to drip dry.

Against the advice of Denny and Gary we decided to test the waters, praying for a snow miracle.  As we headed off to the lift, Gary threw down the gauntlet, saying “Let’s see you find a positive side of this to write about in Over the Hump!”

Challenge accepted.

So as the four of us rode the lift through freezing rain up the mountainside, we had a few laughs and looked for the positives:

  • We have friends who venture out on days like this for a little fun
  • I discovered a new type of snow, sticky muck where I have to push to go downhill at times
  • The lift operator who rushed in before we climbed aboard to wipe the seat of the lift chair, reducing the amount of slush we sat in
  • Learning that GORE TEX™ really does work
  • Getting to add a new low-rating to our list of “worst skiing weather ever”

Take that Gary!  Thanks for the challenge and reminder that there’s almost always a silver lining to every cloud – even those with freezing rain.KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200

However, my most important take-away from Gary’s challenge and the day is remembering how great it is to spend time with people who can laugh at the vagaries of life, while their clothes drip dry. Once again confirming that “standing it good” is easier with the support of friends.

What about you? Who supports your search for the silver lining? Please let us know by commenting below!

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2 thoughts on “Skiing in the Rain – Challenge Accepted!

  1. YOU WIN!! Good job of finding the glass 10% full!
    And it was fun; I guess doing something outrageous and ill-advised does have an attraction; maybe a throwback to playing in the mud when we were toddlers.

    But, lest we get carried away with Pollyanna thoughts, remember that inside every silver lining, there is a black cloud!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Thanks Gary! For you to concede is big indeed. 😉 What a great comparison to playing in the mud – exactly!

      Thanks again and good to see you. Best! Lisa (and Jeff)