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I received this newsletter a few weeks ago and loved it. It’s from Penny Dickson, Founder of Women’s Wilderness Retreats.  Though we are starting March, not the year, her message is still WONDERFUL.  Enjoy!


Women's Wilderness Retreats logo cropDear friends,

In this first week of 2015, I have done much thinking about the process of setting goals and intentions, creating dreams, and making plans for the new year.

Many newsletters, blogs and articles have crossed my desk about “how to be our best in 2015.” I must admit, I find these articles of wisdom puzzling! There is so much emphasis on “being new and improved”, getting farther, looking better, being stronger, more successful, etc. etc. After all that reading I come to the conclusion that perhaps I am lacking- apparently I need to improve myself!

That’s all well and good. Yes, self improvement and motivation is a good thing. Yes, it’s a great idea to chart a course and set intentions in order to achieve  a new level of accomplishment in one’s life. But sometimes what is heard is that “you are not good enough”.

WW Retreats skatingAnd there we are, sent down the path of lack, of wanting, of feeling that we need to work harder, be smarter, look better in order to….what? Get where? Be better than who?

The notion of duality comes into play. Black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. Compete against… who? Competition may be good for capitalism but it can also lead to a deeper sense of never being good enough; never having enough. The focus is on chasing some unattainable standard. Our value gets defined only by our accomplishments. This moves us far away from a sense of wholeness, joy or fulfillment.

What would it be like to start your New Year’s plan with a little more self compassion and loving self reflection? Can we remember that we are already perfect as we are?

As you review the past year and makes plans for the months ahead, take an honest look at the things you accomplished that fed your soul. What moments in 2014 made your heart sing? Filled you with Joy? Gave you a sense of peace or serenity? Made you feel complete and fulfilled?

Remember that a year from now it doesn’t matter how long your list of accomplishments is.  What will matter is how YOU felt about them.

What innate strengths made you successful this past year mostly because they were effortless, and how can you expand on them? Those special strengths are your gift to the world.

Ask the deeper question of “why is this goal important to me?” And ask again “why is that important?”

Be sure to listen  to your heart and be present to that inner voice of your divine wisdom. It will set you on a path of fulfillment. Happiness begins in the heart.

It is my wish that you find peace, serenity and fulfillment in your days ahead.

Here’s to leaping into 2015 with honesty, love and compassion!

With gratitude and blessings,


What brings  you peace and serenity, while possibly helping you to move forward as well. Please share by commenting below!

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