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KC_ 1705_HGCYSI_CJW_book_cover_v1This is one of the hardest newsletters I have ever written.  My goal every week is to entertain, possibly educate, and perhaps open our eyes a bit wider.  But it’s time to do it differently.

You see, I have something to sell, my book “Creating Joyful Work.”  And even though most people have told me they resonate with the message and really like the book, the idea of putting it out there and asking you to listen to me talk about it is really daunting.

I am afraid that you will not like it if I try to sell you stuff.

But then as I listen to the side of my brain populated by the marketing and sales professional, I remember that I believe that people do not feel sold when they are presented with useful information, and then feel free to make their own choices. Therefore instead of being worried that you will be upset with me for selling to you, I am choosing to look at this differently and believe that a few people will be glad to hear about the book.

So….ta-dah!!! Here’s the book–Creating Joyful Work (paperback or Kindle). It represents a big goal for me on the road to being a person who reminds others, and myself, that we can create joyful attitudes in our lives, even in the most challenging of times.  For most of us there are daily challenges in our work, especially because our societal program is to dislike work.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200I believe we can change that program with new attitudes and practices that are small and easy to implement, and add up to big changes. Yes, there will still be challenges and frustrations. However when we choose to be willing to see them differently, act in new ways, or know that we will pass through them soon enough, they take on a new hue–of hope, resilience and personal growth.

If you like your work, this book can help you love it. If you are struggling in your work, this book will help you to find the little nuggets that support a choice for joy. It only takes a moment of joyful work each day to help us create a foundation that helps us to be more resilient, hopeful, and healthy. (Even retirees or students have “stuff they gotta do”, so may benefit from different ways to look at their day.)

What do you think?  Do these ideas resonate with you? What practices do you use to help you have a more joyful day in your work?  Please share by commenting below.

And, thank you for listening.

Happy Wednesday!


“If you don’t like something, change it.

If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

~ Maya Angelou

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