The Many Bridges to Happiness

“Being nice is one of many bridges on the road to Happiness.”

~ Donna A. Favors

Other bridges on the road to happiness?

  • Spending 5 minutes doing exactly what I want with no rules or “should”s
  • Eating mindfully, especially chocolate or pesto pasta
  • Finding something I like about someone where I have been challenged in the past
  • Having the courage to say no when I ordinarily would not
  • Having the courage to say yes when I ordinarily would not
  • Acknowledging that I am angry and letting myself feel it, and perhaps do something about it, so I can move forward

I saw this maxim on a website that is a favorite of mine, Interlude: The Internet Retreat. The hosts call themselves cybermonks and use the internet to help others create a peaceful interlude in their day. I found it a nice break 15 years ago and it’s still the home page when I launch my browser so I am not immediately pelted with flashing news stories.  Each day there’s a new thought like the one above that helps me remember to choose peace and positivity in my life.

The last bullet above is an illustration that choosing to be positive does not mean burying my head in the sand or ignoring challenging situations or negative emotions.  It can also mean that I choose from my heart rather than my past programs or habits. Whether I choose to let myself feel my anger or my joy, allowing myself to fully experience my feelings always brings peace.

In addition, being angry or sad does not mean we cannot be nice. Even when expressing anger we can be diplomatic most of the time.

What are your bridges to happiness? How do you move through challenges with grace, or at least ensure that you move forward?

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2 thoughts on “The Many Bridges to Happiness

  1. Being angry or sad doesn’t mean we cannot be nice. The core of humanity is to treat each other with respect. Pulling a “nutty” impacts your professional brand in a way that creates a timid, avoidance environment. Speak firmly, speak clearly and get your point across. Your words will resonate more powerfully when not camouflaged within a burst of anger.

  2. I so agree Dan that the underlying goal is mutual respect. I also like how you talk about “pulling a nutty.” I had thought phrase referred to a full fledged temper tantrum, but realize it can also describe a brief outburst–which can be as damaging as a longer one. Thanks for reading and commenting!