The Problem with “No Problem”

iStock_000005123017Small1I have a problem with the response, “No problem.”

My old fashioned values have me believing that “You’re welcome” or “My pleasure” is the most gracious way to answer “Thank you.”

For a long time I figured it was my somewhat overzealous ideals about manners that had me cringing whenever I hear it. One of my favorite colleagues says it so I really had to let go.

Then a few weeks ago a friend ranted about it at a gathering.  Most of the people in the group agreed. I was vindicated!

It feels so good to say it out loud… I cringe when I hear “No problem.”

There is hardly ever a good use for it. The phrase connotes that the person does not really care about me, they just did what they did to get by, or get me off their case. It’s a consummate example of drive-by-service.  You know… the waiter cruises by your table in a restaurant asking, “How’s your dinner?” and does even not pause long enough to hear the answer.

KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200Instead, “You’re welcome” connotes “I am happy to be interacting with you and welcome you into my life.”

“My pleasure” connotes “It’s a pleasure to be of service.”

When we say “No problem” is it because we view being of service as giving over our personal power, being the underling? Nothing could be further from the truth. More on that next week!

What do you think about “No problem”? Do you cringe? Not notice? Enjoy it?

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