The True Intent for Serving

istock_000017647274_smallServing others makes me joyful.

Scientific studies show that when we human beings help others we are happier and more successful. A few weeks ago I talk about the problem with the response “no problem”, that it seems like the person saying it doesn’t really want to help out.

I get that. Often when we think of serving others it means big stuff such as volunteering, serving in big ways. And there’s benefit in those small actions we share every day–working to bring joy to our everyday attitude and actions.

Think about the last time someone served you at a coffee shop or restaurant with true intent to serve you joy? Even looking back now, how does it make you feel? Do you think that person is happier with their life?

These actions, and the attitude behind them, are beneficial to us. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • Making sure to tell a colleague, or server in a coffee shop, about their goodness
  • Diving in to help without being asked
  • Leaving something better than we found it, like the kitchen at work
  • Making an effort to collaborate with others who’s ideas or work styles are different than mine

However, at times I find myself avoiding helping others. I don’t wan to get sucked into too much work, or an expectation that I will always be on deck in the future.

Where’s that fine line between being of service and servitude? It’s unique to each of us. One way to ensure that being of serivce does not diminish us is to know that it’s okay to say NO. And okay to say YES!

Is this a fine line that you ponder?  How do you serve others and honor yourself?  Please let us know by sharing an idea below.

Happy Wednesday!

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