Viral Story on How Secret Santa Empowers the Police to Bring Joy

Secret Santa2014Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!       I knew that I wanted to write about Joy today, but was not sure what.

Then a friend* shared this video on Facebook. It’s a CBS News report on a story many of us have heard before. It’s about a wealthy man who hands out $100 bills in random acts of kindness.

This year this Secret Santa added an additional level of joy. He asked police to help him in his Santa work.  The result is AMAZING. The police are empowered to be the bearers of good tidings. I love that they are hugged by total strangers in gleeful exuberance.

It’s also a good reminder that money is just a symbol, always has been. We ascribe value to it, and to ourselves in the process. However, it’s being alive and connecting to other living beings that creates the majority of our joyful lives, and this story shows that in spades.

Yes, the recipients are ecstatic to receive $100 at a time that is quite vulnerable for most of us. More important though is that they feel lucky, and worthy, and connected.

Connected to the person who brought them the gift and connected to the greater good–however you define that. And that is joyful.

I am inspired to random acts of kindness and have put a reminder in my calendar to reach out at least once a week. I am working toward my business bringing in revenue to enable my random acts to include $100 bills. Until then I will have to be creative.KC_OverTheHump_Masthead 230x200

I am sure that most of you are the “random acts of kindness” type of folks.  Please let me know about your work, by either commenting below or sending me an email!.

My best wishes for a Joyful Christmas and Happy Holidays!


*Thanks to Jen Shea Smith – I can always count on you for inspiring words and ideas.

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